Welcome to the Smart Grid Cybersecurity
Job Analysis Questionnaire (JAQ)

This survey is an important step towards the development of a job performance model for cybersecurity roles necessary to secure and protect the Smart Grid. You have been nominated to participate in this survey because of your expertise and experience related to one or more of the three job roles listed below. For more background on the Smart Grid Cybersecurity Job Modeling project, it's process and its sponsors: Click Here

Survey Instructions

This survey consists of a single page of demographic questions followed by several screens of survey questions based on SGC Job Tasks. For each task listed in the survey, please indicate how important it is to be skilled at accomplishing the task and how frequent each task would be performed by a person with that level of expertise.

You may pause the survey with the Resume Later button at the bottom left of every survey page. It's important for the success of this project that you complete the entire survey.

From left to right, please click on the first job role that best matches your prior work experience or in which you have the greatest expertise. This will take you to the questionnaire.


Incident Response:   Responds to crisis or urgent situations with mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery approaches. Investigates and analyzes all relevant response activities. Security Operations Specialist:   Tests, implements, deploys, maintains, and administers the infrastructure hardware and software that are required to effectively manage the computer network defense resources. Intrusion Analyst:   Monitor hosts and networks, conducts traffic analysis, and detects intrusions resulting from malware incidents, employee misconduct, sensitive data breaches, among other forms of external attacks.

Your privacy

This survey is anonymous. The record kept of your survey responses does not contain any identifying information about you unless a specific question in the survey has asked for this. If you have responded to a survey that used an identifying token to allow you to access the survey, you can rest assured that the identifying token is not kept with your responses. It is managed in a separate database, and will only be updated to indicate that you have (or haven't) completed this survey. There is no way of matching identification tokens with survey responses in this survey.